FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel comply with the VDH/FCI test requirements?
Yes, our Agility Tunnel complies with the VDH/FCI test requirements. Our tunnels have already been used at numerous tournaments. The VDH test requirements for agility as of 01 January 2013 “Obstacles”, Page 19, stipulates: “Solid tunnel... The internal diameter is 60 cm. The length is flexible from 3.00 m to 6.00 m, which enables one or more arcs to be formed.”

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How can I securely fix the Agility Tunnel?
A secure fixing is possible with the SCHAUENBURG Tunnel fixing bags “Tunnelfix”. The Tunnelfix is simply laid over the tunnel and the bags on either side are filled with sand or gravel. Tip: first fill a plastic bag or large freezer bag with sand or gravel. The advantage over other fixings is that there is no risk to dogs from protruding hooks or other metal fixings. Tunnelfix is made from the same material (walls) as the SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel!


Is the Tunnel available for order in several colours?
Yes! In the MultiColor Tunnel section you can put together your multicoloured tunnel. With the MultiColor Tunnel you will receive a tunnel in rainbow colours. There is also the option of making the tunnel in 2 or 3 colours of your choice. You can choose whether the stripes should be lengthways or across the tunnel: “Lengthways” means in the same direction over the whole length of the tunnel; “across” means around the whole tunnel. Ask us - we will advise you!


Why do I need a tunnel clip?
The SCHAUENBURG tunnel clip enables two or more agility tunnels to be connected to each other quickly and easily. Even beyond tournaments, fun and pleasure are the most important objectives of dog sport. So there are many varied options with the aid of the SCHAUENBERG tunnel clip. For example, when meeting other dog lovers or clubs, different agility tunnels with the same diameter can easily be linked together. The two tunnels are placed behind each other so that both ends meet. Then the SCHAUENBURG tunnel clip is placed around both end rings and closed. Ask us - we will advise you!


What is the SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel made of?
The base of the tunnel is a tube made from solid, coated film. This is a reinforced polyester fabric with plastic coating. This material is UV-resistant, non-flammable and has been designed especially for external use. The goods are produced in Germany and meet the highest quality standards according to the latest technology. For quality assurance, each delivery is checked (quality assurance system to ISO 9001).

In order to create a tube, the material is welded using a long seam. The advantage of this is that the internal area of the tunnel is smooth and there are no cross-seams or additional seam connections (sewing thread) in the SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel.

Then the ends of the tunnel are welded with flexible, plastic-coated end rings. These end rings are comprised of a flexible steel wire strand that always returns to a round cross-section after deformation.

Then with the aid of an omega-shaped plastic profile, a spiral made from spring steel wire is welded on. The spring steel wire is neutrally adapted to the diameter of the tunnel - i.e. without tension. Protective caps are placed on both ends of the wire for safety. By firmly welding the individual components there are no additional disturbing seam connectors. The profile is around 1.5 mm thick and thus offers better friction protection when compared with film or stretch band strips.

Video: SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel at the NDR


Who are SCHAUENBURG Tunnel-Ventilation GmbH?
SCHAUENBURG Tunnel-Ventilation GmbH is a manufacturing company for plastic technology with its head office in Mülheim an der Ruhr. For over 60 years we have been producing and selling flexible ventilation conduits and accessories for mining and tunnel construction.

Wherever there is a need for special ventilation systems in this industry, our conduits have been used successfully for decades and are now in over 60 countries around the world. As far back as 1953, the foundation was laid in the Schauenberg Group for the flexible ventilation conduit made from PVC-coated fabric as it is basically used even now around the world in tunnel construction and in coal, ore and salt mining. Even in 1955 mainly sheet metal conduits with diameters of 300 - 600 mm and individual lengths of 2 -3 m were being used - initially in coal mining.

When it was possible to coat synthetic fabric such that a thermal welded seam for the individual tracks was no longer a weakness, the switch from sheet metal or other rigid materials towards coated fabric was made and so was the development that now allows diameters of up to 3000 mm and individual lengths up to 200 m. Via conversations with public authorities, users and suppliers, we work on the continuous optimisation and ongoing development for our products.

From conduits to agility tunnels
Conduits are made from a flexible conduit tube made from plastic-coated polyester fabric. The high technological requirements have led to special fabrics and coating types being developed that go far beyond special ventilation. So additional characteristics, such as UV or temperature resistance, have ensured that other applications with high quality requirements are also possible.

This is how the SCHAUENBURG Agility Tunnel was created.