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Dancer Tunnel Dancer Tunnel
The Dancer Tunnel can be used for the new Dog’s Sport Trend „Jump and Dance“. Your dog will say “Thank you” by wagging his tail because fun and action is guaranteed with this Dancer Tunnel. This tunnel is very short: only 1 m and can be...
From €67.47 *
Sandbags Sandbags
These sandbags are characterized by their special design and their Grip surface./p> The high friction of the surface guarantees secure grip. These sandbags can also be used for fixing other obstacles of the Agility sport. Each sandbag...
€55.37 *
Agility Sports Grip Agility Sports Grip
The new full grip tunnels are available: According to FCI and VDH regulations, agility tunnels must consist of a single material. No materials of different structure may be combined in a tunnel. In cooperation with our supplier, we have...
From €233.93 *
Combi Tunnel Combi Tunnel
You can compose your individual tunnel in the Combi Tunnel Configurator and have an immediate picture of what you have choosen. Please select the following items: color of entrance and exit color of the PVC-profile color of exit Now you...
€156.92 *
PVC-Glue and Repair fabric PVC-Glue and Repair fabric
Unfortunately it happens, that tunnel are damaged during the wintertime from mices and other impacts. We quote a repair set with a special glue and repair fabric in the necessary colour. The repair set covers: 1 tube of special glue (40...
€10.58 *
Tunnel configurator Tunnel configurator
You can compose your individual tunnel in the Tunnel configurator and have an immediate picture of what you have chosen. Please select the followin items: Diameter Lenght Color of the tunnel Color of the PVC-profile Please insert the...
From €101.40 *
MultiColor Tunnel MultiColor Tunnel
The eye-catcher: Our MultiColor Tunnel The MultiColor Tunnel gives you the possibility to get a tunnel in 2 or 3 different colors, wither in length direction or in circumference direction.( National colours or colours of your club.) The...
€59.59 *
Tunnel-Clamp Tunnel-Clamp
2 or more Tunnels can be connected easily with this tunnel clamp. Apart from tournaments fun and games is the ultimate ambition. So there is a big variety to use agility tunnels. When dog lovers or dog sports clubs meet, they can easily...
From €14.94 *